ARGO University of Belgrade
Faculty of Mathematics

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Automated Reasoning GrOup
Department for Computer Science
Faculty of Mathematics
University of Belgrade

ARGO group is based at the Department of Computer Science (Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade). We are interested in automated reasoning, especially in the use of decision procedure in automated reasoning systems, in satisfiability modulo theories, strategies for learning decision procedures, phase transition phenomenon, and other problems linking automated reasoning with complexity, cryptography, but also with machine learning and data-mining. We are also interested in geometrical reasoning.

The name ARGO comes from Automated Reasoning GrOup. Also, Argo was a galley of argonauts, in which they sailed in search for the Golden Fleece. The galley was very light and very fast (it was named after one of its builders or after the Greek word for "fast"). During its voyage, Argo sailed through the point where the rivers Danube and Sava meet (i.e., today's Belgrade).