Automated reasoning group

Group Members

Predrag Janicic Predrag Janičić
Full professor

Research interests: SAT problem, SAT/SMT solving, geometrical reasoning, mathematical software

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Filip Maric Filip Marić, PhD
Associate professor

Research interests: formal theorem proving, SAT/SMT solving, object-oriented programming, automated reasoning

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Mladen Nikolic Mladen Nikolić, PhD
Assistant professor

Research interests: Coherent logic, SAT solving, data mining, machine learning, social network analysis, spatial data analysis

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Milena Vujosevic Janicic Milena Vujošević Janičić, PhD
Assistant professor

Research interests: software verification and automated bug finding

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Vesna Pavlovic Vesna Marinković, PhD

Research interests: automated and formal theorem proving, reasoning in geometry, mathematical logic in computer science

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Sana Stojanovic Djurdjevic Sana Stojanović Đurđević, PhD

Research interests: automated reasoning in geometry

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Milan Bankovic Milan Banković, PhD

Research interests: SAT/SMT solvers and their applications, mathematical logic in computer science, constraint programming.

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Danijela Petrovic Danijela Petrović
PhD student (advisor: Filip Marić)

Research interests: formalization of geometry

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Former members
Mirko Stojadinovic Mirko Stojadinović, PhD
Microsoft Research Center Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia

Research interests: Constraint Satisfaction Problems (CSP), SAT encoding

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Nenad Dedić, PhD
(PhD from the Computer Science Department at Boston University, USA)
now at Google, USA

Research interests: cryptography, complexity theory, theoretical computer science

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Dejan Jovanović, PhD
(PhD from the Department of Computer Science at New York University, USA),
now at SRI International, USA

Research interests: formal methods, verification, logic, decision procedures, sat solvers

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Ivan Petrovic Ivan Petrović

Research interests: geometry reasoning

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Milan Sesum Milan Šešum
Microsoft Research Center Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia

Research interests: application of SAT/SMT Solvers

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Andrija Tomović, PhD
(PhD from Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research, Basel, Switzerland)
now at Novartis, Basel, Switzerland

Research interests: bio-informatics, data mining

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